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CAT Passwords Manager 4.0

CAT Passwords Manager 4.0: CAT Passwords Manager manages Fixed and One Time Passwords Identity Management solution for SMEs, Etnetrprises and ISPs providing eAuthentication Services to hosted web sites. In the near future, businesses that do not have a secured web site will not exist. Why? Simple - because their competition WILL have a secured site. With existing technologies today sites are secured. It is the customers who are not secured. They are susceptible to phishing and Identity Stealing. By protecting the customers your business

Identity Knight 1.4: Prevent identity theft by installing this awesome safeguard tool! Download now!
Identity Knight 1.4

identity data. According to a Federal Trade Commission study, 27.3 million Americans have been victims of identity theft in the last five years! Holes in Internet Explorer software allowing 3rd party programs access to your private data surely help this number grow. So, is there a way to prevent identity theft? Yes! There is! Introducing Identity Knight: the unique credentials protection software that makes sure that no data from the IE AutoComplete

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Anti Identity Theft 12.0: Leading Anti Identity Theft Software Protecting Computer Users In The UK And USA
Anti Identity Theft 12.0

Anti-Identity Theft protects you from identity theft threats, while you use your PC. Simply install it - and forget it. Anti Identity Theft ensures you aren`t infected by spyware threats and constantly clears private information from your PC. Bundles with a FREE guide to identity theft, FREE lifetime updates, FREE system optimization tools & much more.

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Privacy Protect 1.0

Protect Your PC from Identity Theft With Privacy Protect. The only complete Identity Theft Solution Available. Someone may be stealing your Identity at this very moment! Protects Your Identity, Cleans Your PC, with many Advanced Features. Secure deletion beyond NSA and DoD Standards. Over 200 plugins for major software programs. Supports Windows 98 - Windows Vista. Don`t wait for it to happen - Secure your PC with Privacy Protect today!

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Identity Protection 1.5: Remove Spyware, Clear your Tracks, Secure your Computer from Hackers.
Identity Protection 1.5

Identity Protection is a powerful, easy to use security suite for protecting your computer and internet identity from hackers. Identity Protection features secure utilities to clear your internet and computer histories/activities, securely encrypt files and directories - so only you can access them, scan your computer for adware and spyware infections (and remove them as well), and even scan your computer for possible Windows exploits.

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Prevent Identity Theft 1.0: Prevent identity theft browser toolbar for Internet Explorer.
Prevent Identity Theft 1.0

Prevent Identity Theft Browser Toolbar For Internet Explorer. Find out the latest updates and news on how to prevent identity theft. Discover the latest tips, strategies and techniques to prevent identity theft directly from your browser toolbar.

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NetWrix Identity Management Suite : Integrated suite of NetWrix identity management products for Active Directory.
NetWrix Identity Management Suite

identity management procedures contributes to higher IT help desk costs, bad security, and failed compliance audits. NetWrix Identity Management Suite is a set of integrated tools that solve the most critical identity management challenges in Active Directory environments: - Forgotten passwords generate more than half of IT help desk calls. The Suite includes a web-based self-service password management tool that allows users to reset their passwords

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